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JUL 2015

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2 JULY 2015 S I T E S E L E C T I O N 26 WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT A progress report chronicles advances in workforce education measures. There's still a ways to go. 67 FOOD PROCESSING Consumers want healthier food, and the industry is listening and adapting, including its site planners. 86 DATA CENTERS CyrusOne's Chief Technology Offcer offers 10 tips for a successful data center location. 92 FDI OUTLOOK A survey of FDI experts reveals where industry hubs will migrate and which regions to watch in the next fve to 10 years. t COVER STORIES CONTENTS t FEATURES July 2015 T H E M A G A Z I N E O F C O R P O R A T E R E A L E S T A T E S T R A T E G Y A N D E C O N O M I C D E V E L O P M E N T V O L U M E 6 0 , N U M B E R 4 TECH CENTERS 58 CORPORATE REAL ESTATE TECHNOLOGY Site selectors tap into the next wave of technology for location analysis, and much of it is airborne. 44 AEROSPACE North Dakota puts "in-between time" to good use; which US states and world markets are most attractive as aerospace manufacturing centers. 62 ADVANCED MANUFACTURING How consumer technologies and the Internet of Making Things are driving corporate site selection and capital investment decisions. 80 EUROPEAN IT CENTERS The ICT sector is booming in Europe, but can the labor supply keep pace? 100 RESEARCH & SCIENCE PARKS Wichita State University is tops in aerospace R&D funding, and its new Innovation Campus is now taking shape. T E N R S T E N R S T E N R S p. 58

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